Brussels, The Sepulchral City

Marlow begins his storytelling journey by describing his time in the “sepulchral city”. He explains that there is a river in Africa that lures him in like a coiled snake, and after his time at sea, he speaks with his aunt in order to obtain a position as a head of a steamboat. His aunt is under the impression that Marlow is going as a missionary to the Africans; however, he is actually going for selfish reasons and then mocks his aunt for her ignorance. He then goes to the Company’s headquarters. There he sees two women knitting with black wool, and he is shaken by the image. These women represent the Fates of the underworld. He then goes into a different part of the company where he meets the doctor. The doctor is incredibly interested in the way that the Congo affects the sanity of a person and asks to measure Marlow’s skull. He then departs for the Congo.


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