Central Station

Marlow then makes the 15 day trek to the Central station. There he learns that his steamship has been “accidentally sunk” and that Kurtz has fallen ill. He has the feeling that the General Manager wanted the steamship to sink so that no one would reach Kurtz so that he would die and the manager could take over the position. Marlow attemps to fix the ship but cannot require any rivets. This lack of progress supports the idea that there is no actual work being done by the company due to their hypocrisy and lack of idea.

Marlow then meets the Brickmaker, who attempts to obtain knowledge from Marlow about Kurtz. It is clear that the brickmaker despises Kurtz, but Marlow lets him believe what he wants. Soon the Eldorado Explorer Expedition enters the station and Marlow hates them.

In Part II, Marlow overhears the General Manager and his uncle discussing Kurtz. They dislike his success in the company and his vision of improving the natives; they hope that his sickness will kill him before Marlow can reach him. Marlow then attempts to fix the ship at a faster rate. However, it takes his three months until he can finally head up river.



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