The Inner Station

When Marlow finally reaches the Inner Station, the first person he sees is the Russian trader who appears to be a Harlequin. The Russian tells Marlow that Kurtz is very ill, but still alive. He also makes Marlow realize that Kurtz is now a brutal and cruel leader who has made himself a god to the natives. The russian is naive to this however, and is fascinated by Kurtz. He says that he has “enlarged his mind” which ties back into the doctor at the Company’s headquarters. It is questionable whether or not the Russian is mad or not. Marlow also notices that their are heads on stakes outside of Kurtz’s hut. This represents Kurtz’s brutality and cruelty; however, it also represents the fact that he is merely a more straightforward version of the company. He does not hide his cruelty behind a facade of fake work. Soon the Pilgrims carry Kurtz out to the ship, but the natives seem to intend to attack. Kurtz speaks to them and deters the attack, and he is placed on the ship.

Marlow warns the Russian that the General Manager intends to kill him, so the Russian tells Marlow that Kurtz sent the attack on the steamboat. He then takes a pair of shoes from Marlow and escapes into the woods.



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