Web of Connections

  1. Heart of Darkness is connected to A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah because both stories have savagery. In chapters 15 and 16, savagery is introduced to A Long Way Gone after they are rescued from the “Rebels” and into recovery. Because they were addicted to drugs, the withdrawal from them lead to violent symptoms resulting in a form of savagery. They had lost all civilized behavior because of their drastic change of environment when they were kidnapped from their normal homes to be drugged and be a part of the Rebels
  2. The Great Gatsby is related to Heart of Darkness because Jay Gatsby and Kurtz are parallel characters. How to Read Literature Like A Professor explains how there is only one story, the two characters are parallel because both are only know by “word of mouth” until near the end of the book. They’re more of an idea than an actual character until they are eventually introduced.
  3. Hamlet is connected to Heart of Darkness through the motif of madness. Hamlet descends into madness after his father was murdered by his uncle, and his uncle took Hamlet’s righteous throne by marrying Hamlet’s mother. Hamlet is connected to Kurtz who reaches madness by escaping to the wilderness.
  4. Lord of the Flies: The use of flies throughout the novel to create inferno/hell imagery.
  5. A Streetcar Named Desire: This novel comments on women and how they live in a fantasy or dream instead of facing reality because of weakness.
  6. Wuthering Heights: Connected by the theme Fascination with the Abomination.
  7. Lolita: Connected by the Power of Words theme in Heart of Darkness.
  8. Brave New World: Connected by savagery. 

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